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Prism Mirage – Sealant and protectant for fibreglass and painted surfaces

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Product Description

PRISM MIRAGE for fibreglass and painted surfaces

MIRAGE sealant and protectant is an easy to use sealant that produces a tough, long lasting, brilliant shine – never before believed possible!

The formula is WAX FREE for easy application

Mirage contains cross linked polymers that level the surface and seal in the shine to protect the finish from UV rays, air and water contaminants for months

Superior to all others for protecting fibreglass, clear coat, acrylics and enamels, Mirage will keep your fibreglass from oxidising and your colour from fading longer than wax.

We remove oxidation on the gelcoat cabin tops, decks and cockpit on our yacht DJANGO with Prism Polish, then follow it up with PRISM MIRAGE to seal in the shine and to protect the surface from UV rays. This is the shine you can get on 32yr old original gelcoat!
See below for further pictures taken after we polished the topsides while on the hard recently.

                                                                     check out the shine of the gelcoat on this 32 year old yacht! Prism Polish works wondersTIPS!
1. If the surface you want to polish has previously had some other wax coating, wash the area with a solution of warm water, detergent and vinegar before using Prism Polish or Mirage.
2. Use a paper towel to apply Prism Polish. The slight abrasiveness of the paper is more effective than applying with a cloth. Use only a little and continue applying until polish has disappeared. No need to let it dry – just buff off with a lint free towel.
3. Apply Prism Mirage with a damp soft cloth in a circular motion. Allow to haze off and buff off with a lint free soft cloth. We used a sheepskin mit. It was so easy to apply and remove.

If you are using an electric buffer, it must be no higher than 900-1000 revs. Higher than that overheats the product.
Prism products are made in the USA. They come with the manufacturer’s 100% money back guarantee


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