Product Description

Outboard Motor Mount OB-125

Garhauer retractable, rise and fall Outboard Motor Mount for auxiliary motors
Garhauer Outboard Motor Mounts are fabricated from tubular stainless steel with three strong springs to counterbalance engines that weigh up to 57kg (125lb).
(Capacity refers to the actual engine weight. Don’t trust brochures, weigh your engine before choosing a motor mount to ensure proper counterbalance performance).

Product unit weight grams:9000 (317oz)

It adjusts to three positions – two extended and one retracted position.
Retracted up fully – extended down 330mm (13″)and extended down 432mm (17″).
Vertical hole spacing centre of top hole to centre of bottom hole 190mm (7.4″)
Horizontal hole spacing centre to centre 160mm (6.2″)
Overall size of plate that mounts to the transom is 195mm (7.7″)wide and 230mm (9″)long.

All pivot points are bushed with bronze and use compression tubes for low friction.
Heavy duty plastic board for reduced maintenance. 230mm (9″)high x 195mm (7.7″)wide

Made in the USA and comes with the manufacturer”s 10 year guarantee.

Here is an information sheet and further pictures of the motor mount.