Product Description

Suitable for mid or end boom. Heavy displacement yachts to 18m (60ft) or light displacement yachts to 21m (70ft).

Voted “Best Choice” and “Budget Buy” in Practical Sailor”s “GEAR OF THE YEAR” tests. Read article here

This heavy duty traveller is custom made for your boat. Holes can be drilled to match existing track.

It can span areas up to 5ft (153cm) without support.

These are the end fittings on the no foul traveller – having the sheaves integrated into the end fittings shields the Torlon bearings from UV rays

This is an MTUB-2 Garhauer no foul Traveller with two 60-13USHL High Load blocks attached and a Garhauer Riser with integrated Deck Organiser. 


The price guide for this traveller is NZD2108.00 incl GST for a 1530mm length. Order and pay in full for delivery in approximately 5 weeks.

Price includes AIRFREIGHTING in from the USA and Customs charges. There will be a small charge for delivery to your door. Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery. Please contact us if you have any special requirements