LD 6-1 L Lifting Davit 864mm arm 90kg capacity


Lifting davit for outboards, small dinghies

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Product Description

LD6-1L Lifting Davit

Top quality lifting davit using 50mm (2″) stainless tubing designed to lift your dinghy, outboard motor, wheelchair or other smaller items safely on deck

Arm length 864mm (34″) but can be shortened by request (minimum 450mm)

Lifting capacity is 68kg (150lb)

Two piece tube construction with a pivoting arm (almost 360 degrees) that can be folded and stored when not in use or removed for storage

Multiple locations can be used if additional mounting hardware and bottom tube are purchased

  • Lifting Davit lower ball mount (LBM-1) – allows articulation so tube can be mounted vertically regardless of deck angle
  • Lifting Davit upper support ring (USR-1) – can be mounted inside or outside of pushpit railings
  • Lower tube section
  • Upper tube section/arm/brace/6:1 pulley system
  • Lower cleat for Lifting Davit pole (LDCLEAT)
  • 18m of 10mm line
  1. The lower ball mount is deck mounted by through bolting to a base plate (70 mm dia)
  2. The bottom section stainless pole sits on the ball and the support ring slips over the pole and attaches to a stanchion or railing
  3. The top portion with the pulley system is then placed on top of the pole for use


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