Hutton Single Speed Self-Tailing Winches


  • Single piece cast bronze Gearbox
  • Solid stainless-steel Mainshaft
  • Full metal drum
  • Self adjusting ‘all metal’ Jaw system

Both models are available in Aluminium, Bronze or Chrome.

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HUTTON winches are reliable, serviceable and will work to their optimum in the roughest conditions.

In fact, we believe we make the toughest winch on the market, and to prove it we are the only winch manufacturer to offer a LIFETIME GUARANNTEE on a range of our winches. If you would like more information on this, please see our warranty page.

Below is the specifications of our Self-Tailing winches. The following specifications are given in metric (millimetres and kilograms).

 Single Speed Self-tailing Winches

1st speed ratio 2nd speed ratio drum base weight weight
model (gear) power (gear) power dia (mm) dia (mm) height (mm) alu (kg) brz (kg) winch mounting
20-1ST (—) — (2.9:1) 20.4:1 66 124 132 3.2 3.5 4x 6.5 on a 92 PCD
30-1ST (—) — (4.3:1) 30.6:1 69 133 145 3.7 4.0 4x 6.5 on a 97 PCD

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20-1st, 30-1st