30-2SP 2 Speed Mainsheet/Vang


2 Speed Main sheet 3:1/6:1 : (line not incl) : WLL 907 kg

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Product Description

30-2SP 2 speed 6-1, 3-1 purchase Mainsheet/Vang.
Nine alloy sheaves with Delrin ball bearings.
Sheave Diameter 63mm (2 1/2")

Pull both ropes to quickly bring the main sail in or use either rope to fine tune. 
Use continuous  8-10mm line (joined with a splice or a knot)  (rope not included).
How to measure how much line is required:
First, fit the blocks to the traveller and the boom
Add the next three lengths of rope together to determine how much you need.
1. Weave a short piece of rope through the blocks as per how they arrive, this determines the block rope length for your vessel
2. Measure from the Cam Cleats to the shrouds and double this measurement
3. Add another metre for good measure

Here is a picture of a 40-2speed vang on a yacht. It is attached to an MT2TP Traveller with a heavy duty spring

NOTE: To maintain complete control, use one rope to ease the mainsheet under load, rather than two.

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