Saye’s Rig

The outstanding feature of the Saye’s Rig is its simplicity. A direct drive controls the boat’s own rudder. No auxiliary rudder. No lines to the cockpit.

The Saye’s Rig has a vertical airvane which controls the pendulum trimtab. The force of the water flow on the trimtab moves the tiller arm which is attached to the boat’s rudder.

Which Boats?

The Saye’s Rig is suitable for many boats. It is the ideal self-steering gear for very large boats with traditional transoms and/or boats with:

  • Hydraulic Steering
  • High Freeboard
  • Center Cockpit/Aft Cabin
  • Transom Davits
  • Boomkin
  • Mizzen Boom
  • Transom Mounted Swim Ladder

Strength and Durability

Over dimensioned bronze castings and stainless steel pipe guarantee freedom from corrosion and superior strength. Solid fiberglass trimtab. Spare parts kit not needed.


Since 1973, many successful ocean crossings and circumnavigations have proven the reliability and performance of the gear.


Length of airvane mast, pendulum shaft and tiller arm customized to fit each individual boat.


Universal bronze mounting bracket is attached to the hull using two half-inch bolts. Two stainless steel rudder plates on the boat’s rudder hold the tiller arm.

Easy to Remove and Store

Pendulum shaft and mast/airvane can be easily and safely removed and stored leaving only the small bracket on transom.

Autopilot Control

A small, inexpensive tiller type autopilot, using minimal power, can be rigged to control the Saye’s Rig. The Saye’s Rig in turn drives the main rudder. Steer by the wind or by compass.

Emergency Steering

If the connection controlling the boat’s rudder is broken, the boat can be easily steered by moving the mast/airvane by hand or with a small autopilot.

Totally Independent of Electricity

The Saye’s Rig’s customized attachment system makes installation easy on most boats. It is used on boats up to 65 feet. Installation plans for hundreds of cruising boats are on file. Send us as much information as possible about your boat. We will make an installation drawing and recommendation at no charge or obligation.

If you are interested in purchasing a windvane, or just want to know more information, please contact us discuss your needs.