Ecofleet 290 Antifoul 5lt Low Activity TBT-free self polishing Antifouling


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Ecofleet 290 Antifoul 5lt – Comes in Red, Blue or Black
Suitable for boats being used once every few weeks, typically moored in a marina most of the time. The antifouling works without the need of regular friction of water as when the boat is traveling.


  • Tin-free, self-polishing antifouling
  • Fit-for-purpose offer for deep-sea operating vessels.
  • Fouling control for periods up to 36 months.
  • Suitable for new-build, maintenance and repair.
  • Designed for medium- to high-activity vessels.
  • Complies with IMO ASF Convention.

For renewing old antifouling follow these steps:

  • Clean any marine-growth from surface.
  • Wet-Sand with 220grit sandpaper to roughen up surface.
  • Wash-Down with water and let dry
  • Wipe-Down with Thinners before applying new Antifouling.

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Black, Red, Blue