Anchor Rescue

Anchor Rescue is the world’s leading and most popular anchor recovery system for fouled anchors.

This handy tool can be stored away on your boat until it’s needed. It’s a simple and easy way to recover your fouled anchor without needing to set up trip lines or compromising your anchor system. Best of all, it provides a safe and secure way to recover your anchor without putting you or your crew in harms way.

How it Works

  • The Anchor Rescue consists of a slider and a tether which are attached to your anchor at all times. They will not interfere with the normal use of your anchor.
  • Once your anchor is fouled, you get the retriever from its storage space on the boat and attach it around the chain and this is lowered down until it reaches the slider.
  • The retriever will lock onto the slider at which point you just need to add some slack to your anchor chain and then pull up on the retriever. This will free the anchor, allowing recovery of your anchor by your normal practices.
  • Once the anchor reaches the top, you just need to disconnect the retriever and reset the slider and tether.
  • The Anchor Rescue will fit 8mm, 10mm and 12mm chains.


  • Always ready to rescue your fouled anchor and easy to reset
  • No more trip lines
  • No compromising your anchor
  • No compromising of your ships safety
  • You and your crew are protected from harm at all times