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Windvane Self-Steering - Letting you sit back and enjoy the ride

What is it?

Windvane Self-Steering allows you to step away from the wheel, while you're sailing. It steers the boat, under supervision, on the course that you provide.

Windvane Self Steering Options

We offer 3 different windvane solutions, allowing us to make the best recommendation for skipper and boat.

Monitor Windvane

The world's number one servo-pendulum windvane solution
There are many different systems of windvane self-steering. Trim tab, auxiliary rudder and servo pendulum systems are just a few. The development of the servo-pendulum principle represented a break-through in windvane self-steering. As the boat moves faster with stronger winds, the power of the servo oar increases and this gives ample power to turn the boat’s own large rudder. The Monitor steering system is powerful and has positive yaw dampening which makes it possible to steer straight in difficult downwind conditions. The more it blows, the better the Monitor likes it. Consensus of opinion is that the servo-pendulum principle is the best method of self steering for most boats.

A self-steering gear in a class of its own.
  • Can be repaired on-board
  • Makes no noise
  • Extremely dependable
  • Loves heavy weather
  • High resale value
  • BOC tested

Auto Helm - Auxiliary Rudder / Trimtab Self Steering

For the skipper who wants the security of an emergency rudder and hates lines in the cockpit.

The horizontal axis airvane of the auto-helm windvane powers the trimtab. Water flowing past the trimtab controls the auxiliary rudder which, in turn, steers the boat. The boat’s main rudder is locked and used to balance the boat.

The auto-helm windvane is suitable for many boats under 50 feet.

Saye's Rig

The outstanding feature of the Saye’s Rig is its simplicity:
  • A direct drive controls the boat’s own rudder.
  • No auxiliary rudder.
  • No lines to the cockpit.
The Saye’s Rig has a vertical airvane which controls the pendulum trimtab. The force of the water flow on the trimtab moves the tiller arm which is attached to the boat’s rudder.

More Information or Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing a windvane, or just want to know more information, please fill out our Questionaire, and our consultant will be in touch with you regarding your query by the end of the next business or working day.

Mon- Rud: M-Rud Emergency rudder

This product is available at request, however we do not currently have it in stock. You can still purchase it, however there could be a 6 week wait for delivery. The reason for this is that this product may be an aesthetic choice, or it may be custom made.
Height Length Width SWL
Height Length
Width SWL
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M-Rud  Emergency rudder

M- Rud Monitor Emergency rudder.
Tnis emergency rudder assembly can be attached to a monitor wind vane assembly. This turns the servo pendulum unit into an emergency rudder capable of steering yachts for 100s of miles

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